Can Sleep Apnea Kill You? .

Can Snoring Actually Kill You?

You would be startled to hear the statistics that 37 million Americans run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

My guest this week on the podcast, Dr. Dar Radfar was one of those people. After falling asleep at the wheel and having a brush with his mortality he went on a quest to find out why. After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, he found that his night time breathing was severely affecting his health

If you or a loved one struggling with snoring or grinding your teeth while asleep then you could be at risk. These symptoms could indicate an issue with your airway function linked to your jaw.

To share his experience and solutions, my podcast guest today is Dr. Dar Radfar, founder of the RadHealth Clinic. He's one of the leading sleep apnea dentists in California who has transformed his practice to create oral appliances as an alternative for CPAP machines.

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