We're going to change the world!

These remarkable cases show that braces CAN be prevented.

This week I opened my second dental practice.

It was a huge project that taught me how hard it is to change healthcare models.

Over the last 10 years I’ve built one of the leading functional dental clinics in the world.

It didn’t happen overnight!

My book The Dental Diet was the foundation, but I figured out the reality that people need practicable clinical dental solutions.

Dental problems are hard structural issues. People need healthcare that understand prevention and functional rehabilitation of these hard tissues.

The solution is technology. Advances in tech helps us achieve healthcare outcomes not thought of a few years ago.

Over the next month I’ll be showcasing some of our work in the practice.

We are the proudest of our world renowned myofunctional orthodontic program. We have prevented braces in over 200 children across the NSW Central Coast.

That’s a priceless investment into the airways of future generations.

Functional Dentistry can change the world!

To celebrate this milestone, I’m bringing some of the best functional healthcare providers to a conference to discuss the progression of healthcare.

I would love to see you there and meet you. It will be a fantastic day!

If you order NOW with the code: HelixDentistry you’ll get 25% off the ticket price.

Hurry, these are limited.

Dr. Steven Lin