Happy New Year, Let's Get Healthier in 2024!

Firstly, I’d just link to thank you for your support over the years. I’m absolutely committed to helping you be happier, healthier, and raise strong children!

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For those in Australia, we are hosting an event on the Central Coast of NSW on Saturday Feb 24.

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I’ll be presenting an updated view from my clinical approach to human malocclusion and functional dentistry, as well as presentations from Australian of the Year James Muecke, Anthony Chaffe, Pran Yoganathan, and many more!

One of the big conversations happening around health is the way meat impacts the environment. If we allow the conversation to move against meat, it harms our opportunity for ethically raised and healthy human consumption of meat.

So I encourage you to EDUCATE yourself on the arguments for meat.

To get started listen or SHARE to one of these Episodes from my Podcast.

For a full perspective on meat, my guest is Diana Rodgers, RD, a nutritionist with a focus on “real food” and a sustainability advocate. She is the co-author of Sacred Cow with the documentary Sacred Cow.

Everyday strategies to include liver in your diet!

The role of BPA microplastics in hormone interruption.

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Dr. Steven Lin