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Is a carnivore diet a tool to boost your health?


This week on The Mouth Brain Connection I interviewed Dr. Anthony Chaffee, The Plant Free MD.

He covers his experience on losing 10kgs with meat and only meat on a come back to playing Rugby.

Now he recommends people undergo a 30 day meat only diet.

My take? I think humans are omnivores, but the nutrition in meat is critical for good health and going on a meat heavy diet makes sense for certain situations:

Meat consumption is something we should all be talking about more:

If you’re in Australia next month, you can meet Dr. Chaffee and myself at the PIONEERING PREVENTION Conference on February 24th.

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This week I’ll be interviewing Cassandra Lin, my wife and business partner on our systems for early childhood feeding and development.

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Steven Lin