Podcast Episodes Not to Miss

Season 1 of The Mouth Brain Connection is Live! Here are three amazing episodes with leading functional medical practitioners.

Hi there,

Since its launch The Mouth Brain Connection has been viewed by over 100 000 people.

It was started in order to highlight (and catalogue) the hidden world of functional dentistry.

As I delved into how this can reshape my patients lives, I realized we needed better access to the research, clinical insight, and take-home tips that help people improve their health.

The weekly interviews criss-cross from oral healthcare, to non-dental medical doctor, specialist, and auxiliary health practitioners.

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Let’s get into some episodes!

Episode #1: Dr. Sherry Sami is a Dual Specialist Orthodontist/Paediatric Dentist. In my opinion it’s one of the most important speciality mixes that can be achieved. We talk early childhood development, including tongue ties, breastfeeding and intervention ortho.

Episode #3: Dr. James DiNic is a cardiovascular researcher and has built over 2 million followers with his health, nutrition, and supplement advice. In this episode we get deep into magnesium!

Episode #4: Roger Price has been educating and treating breathing disorders for decades. In this episode we delve into the physiology and practicality to stopping mouth breathing today.

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Dr. Steven Lin